Dear Volunteers,

I'm calling upon you once again.

This pandemic has created a lot of anxiety and stress in all of our lives but has especially affected our Bedford Police, Fire and Public Works Departments who are really feeling the sting. With all of the rules in place they no longer are allowed to eat together, they are required to practice social distancing and they've had to change their shifts. There have been four COVID cases impacting their departments so morale is really really down.

I am asking our community once again if we could, next week, all week long, call on volunteers to make or buy treats and baked goods to donate. We would need multiple people per day, per week, because it would be for different shifts. We want to make sure each and every police, fire and public works employee knows that we care! You can explain that you're bringing them because you are part of the organization "Bedford Cares". Cards would also be really helpful to let them know we're giving them our full support.

Please email that you will be dropping off treats and which day you would like. You can start now and let this run through next Friday.

Thank you in Advance

Denise Ricciardi, Bedford Cares

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